The delicious tamales from the farm

She was the sorceress of the altars in the kitchen

En la finca Supía, Caldas, Colombia
At the farm        Supía, Caldas, Colombia

Magnifico’s mother never agreed to keep pigs at the farm. At least once a month, she would dedicate herself fully to the making tamales (steamed corn meal rolls filled with pork and spices). For the tamale fillings she preferred to buy a piglet from her neighbours, who had their farm on the other side of the hill and towards the village. They knew her well after many years as neighbours, so they would kill the piglet the same day, and early in the morning, they delivered the carved meat, just as she preferred.

Vista del valle Supía, Caldas, Colombia
View of the valley           Supía, Caldas, Colombia

For the rest of the chores, she knew her way around, perfectly well. Between the vegetable patch, the orchard, and the greenhouse, there was an abundance of fresh vegetables and spices at her disposal to prepare the delicious tamales. As far as the corn was concerned, she would gather it a few days before, taking care to pick the most tender ears in the patch. After she would grind it in the mill, behind the kitchen, where she would also would prepare the corn dough.

Style           Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentina

She knew exactly how to season the meat so delectably, with the fresh herbs and vegetables that she had barely gathered a few hours before. Finally, she would wrap the rolls in the corn leaves that she kept tied up in bundles in her pantry.


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