The bean patch

Eat when hungry and sleep when you feel sleepy

La calle Yucatán, Colonia Roma, Cdmex, México
 Yucatán Street,           Colonia Roma, Cdmex, México

And, as if it didn’t seem, there were enough things to be done; they also kept a patch where they grew beans, next to the bananas, and the yucca.

La glorieta Polanco, Cdmex, México
The roundabout          Polanco, Cdmex, México

Spread among these throughout the plot, they had coffee plants. The coffee was roasted in the house, on the kitchen stove, and it was the same coffee that father and son were drinking at the moment.

Torre latinoamericana ciudad de México, DF, México
Torre latinoamericana            Mexico, City DF, México

Magnífico loved to walk in the banana tree’s shade, but he especially liked to stretch out and lie down in the cool shade of the guada bamboo. There, he would say: I just sleep so good.



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