The shed in the mornings

In the tranquillity of his daily routine, he found a rhythm to life

El patio centro histórico de Püebla, Puebla, México
The courtyard           Historical Centre,Puebla, Puebla, México

He knew that his father was waiting for him to arrive. So, with a huge effort he quickly got out of his bed, leaving the cozy, warmth of his home behind and under the covers.

Vista del centro Puebla, Puebla, México
View of the downtown          Puebla, Puebla, México

Dressing as fast as possible and with his warmest clothes, he stepped out of the house. Outdoors, the freezing winds from the nearby glacial were blindly blowing.

La cúpula Puebla, Puebla, México
The dome           Puebla, Puebla, México

Still half-asleep, and a bit anguished, he would hurry till he reached the shelter of the cow shed, located to the side of the house. Moments later and once inside the stable, he would relish the familiar aromas and the warmth indoors, while he contemplated his father, who true to his custom, had arrived before him.


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