A seed in fertile soil

And when he discovered… that from the tiny little seed, in a most mysterious and possibly, even magical way, a robust plant had grown; then, the miracle amazed him, and he sighed, feeling both satisfied, as well as, fulfilled in his life 

Caminando por el barranco Barranco, Lima. Perú
Walking Barranco           Barranco, Lima. Perú

The younger sister, Mariana, was exceptionally receptive. They took advantage of a big tree on the farm. and when they finally built a trapeze, Magnífico himself, was totally amazed by her capacity to learn.


The seed was sown in fertile land, for together with the technical aspects of the scenic arts, Magnifico would talk to them about that mysterious and alluring world of the circus.

El periódico Puebla, Puebla, México
El periódico Puebla, Puebla, México

As time went by, from what had once been but a little seed, a plant began to grow. Following Magnifico’s initiative, the sisters collaborated with him to help set up The Magnificent Circus of the Marroqui Sisters, an open-air circus without a tent, but overflowing with character and a lively spirts. So began, their presentations at the family farm to which the neighbours would flock enthusiastically, from all over the surrounding region.


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