Three horses and two mares

And when at last the fish bit the bait, the fisherman was irremediably snared

En tierra del café Filandia, Quindío, Colombia
In the coffee lands           Filandia, Quindío, Colombia

Ever since he was a child, Aureliano Marroqui manifested a strong passion for horses.  Taking advantage of his new financial situation and also thanks to the generosity of random chance, he was able to invest in three horses and two mares.

Fincas cafeteras Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia
Coffee landscape          Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Always clever at detecting business opportunities, he bought a cart to draw with his horses, and so, he dedicated himself to recollect milk at the nearby farms; transporting the milk he gathered in his horse-drawn wagon to the diary in Manizales.

Migración Xalapa, Veracruz, México
On the road           Xalapa, Veracruz, México

At four o clock in the morning, he was happy indeed, as he loaded the milk in the first of the farm of the route, while he merrily chatted with his neighbours about this and that.


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