Uncle Oscar’s dream

Hope is the last resource on a road, when you have nowhere left to go. And, when I reach the end, only she will be left;

To love and never forget

Luna del Altiplano Copacabana, Provincia Manco-Kapac, Bolivia
A moon in the highlands             Copacabana, Manco-Kapac Province, Bolivia


One good day, her uncle Oscar, decided to pack all his belongings in a rug sack. It was now time to pursue a dream, which he had held in his heart for many, many years.

Aterrizaje ciudad de México, DF, México
Rising above       México City, DF, México



When he had completed packing his things, he perceived the ambivalent poverty and wealth of his existence. All his material possessions could actually be perfectly accommodated in a small black backpack set on his shoulders, with a total weight of almost five pounds plus a few extra ounces.

Amanecer Ciudad de México, DF, México
Dawn          Mexico City, DF, México



He pondered philosophically upon his material condition for a few moments: I have plenty and more than enough, he thought to himself smiling. Having determined his value in life, he followed through with his plan.


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