Inés, the loving Grandmother

And in the looking-glass of the other’s pain, her soul itself, reflected…

Vista del centro San Gil, Santander, Colombia
The downtown view           San Gil, Santander, Colombia


Her Grandmother Inés, was a very dear figure in Dora’s life.

El viejo portón San Gil, Santander, Colombia
The old entrance            San Gil, Santander, Colombia


She possessed a great empathic insight and knew how to treat her like a fellow companion; she didn’t treat her like a little girl nor like a grown-up (for little Dora was none of these): she treated the young girl like a person, always affectionately and with due respect.

Bajadas y subidas San Gil, Santander, Colombia
Ups and downs          San Gil, Santander, Colombia


Constantly happy and loving, her Grandmother had known very rough times in her youth; in effect, she had first-hand experience with pain, and so, she was quite capable of recognizing it in the rest.


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