Dora, the young girl

In spite of the surrounding concrete, the flower grew, and with a smile, it challenged the world…

Cementerio de la isla Los Ángeles, Isla Ometepe, Rivas, Nicaragua
The Island’s Cemetery          Los Ángeles, Ometepe Island, Rivas, Nicaragua


On occasion, certain gestures the child made reminded her so strongly of Dora’s mother: such a likeness, especially at that age: oh my darling daughter, how soon you left us. May you rest in peace…

Las escaleras de los mosaicos rojos San Gil. Santander, Colombia
The bright red-tiled steps           San Gil. Santander, Colombia


Dora’s favourite spot in which to spend the mornings was right at the beginning of the steep climb. The hours would happily pass, while she, engrossed in her own world, enthusiastically played, or she read one of the books, that she always carried.

Puente sobre el río Fonce San Gil, Santander, Colombia
Bridge over the Fonce River           San Gil, Santander, Colombia


Yes, that was definitely her favourite place, in front of the house with the yellow façade, sitting on the fresh red tiled bright mosaic steps, so spacious, yet so cozy. When the neighbours passed by, they would smile and greet her warmly, for they knew the little girl’s situation well.


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