Why do the good ones die, momma?

Why do the good ones die, momma? Because they get tired of so evil things that the bad ones do to them, darling

Saliendo de la escuela Plaza Iralia, ciudad de Mendoza, Mendoza, Atgentina
Out of school           Plaza Italia, Mendoza City, Mendoza, Argentina

Pensive, she hung up the phone. The three had been through many problems together. On different occasions they had visited the Office, where the hateful Disciplinary Coordinator, Miss Mercedes Cardona, unfortunately knew them too well.

Sin zapatpos Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia, Colombia
No shoes          Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia, Colombia

Miss Mercedes measured 1.54 meters, and she weighed the impressive amount of 108 kgs of abundant body fat. Almost 1 kg for every cm. She was capable of finishing a whole Bandeja paisa lunch and still accommodate some buñuelo bakery and her chocolate for dessert.

Durante el recreo ciudad de Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia
Recess         Sucre City, Sucre, Bolivia

One of the severest punishment she had ever imposed on them was from when she surprised them in the bathroom listing to some recordings Dora had made.
Forming a line, one after the other, she led to her office where she heard the recordings one by one, while she kept them standing in front of her huge metallic grey metal desk. The wall behind her desk had a Virgin of Fatima with twelve candles. The dancing flames of the tapers tended to hypnotize the girls, who were waiting to be sentenced.



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