And why do the angels cry, momma?

Viendo hacia el lago Cementerio de Sololá, Departamento de Sololá. Guatemala
Looking at the lake            Sololá’s cemetery, Departamento de Sololá. Guatemala


Speechless, she heard her friend narrating the death of Miss Rosario.

Los osarios cementerio de Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

The ossuaries          Bucaramanga City Cemetery, Santander. Colombia

She was no more, no less, her favorite teacher. She was more than a teacher: on occasions she was their councilor, always tenderly trying to guide them by the right path. The one that indulged them, that was always ready to listen to them, and the one who always offered a helping hand to rescue them when they got into trouble.

La capilla ciudad de Bucaramanga, Santander. Colombia
The chapel          Bucaramanga City, Santander. Colombia


Miss Rosario taught the Social Science course in the eighth grade at the Our Lady of Fatima School, where Juanita and her two friends ‒inseparable always the way from infancy‒ studied together, in the same grade and in the same home-room.



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