Death and Time

Rectory's Façade, Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), México City, México

The Rectory’s façade           Universidad Autónoma de México, México


If I had to bet my money on either Death or Time: I would place it all on the second one of them. This I can say without a trace of doubt in my mind.



 Catrina Calle de Chihuahua ciudad de México, México
The Catrina           Chihuahua Street, México City, México

I’ve never run into a stiff. I haven’t seen them, but I can imagine them; those poor ghosts running around like lost souls. Meanwhile, Time devours them still, for anyhow, he has more than enough time to do it. I can visualize them as the years run past, everyday becoming paler, until they finally end up almost transparent, a shadow of what once they were.

Detalle de la fachada Edificio Esmeralda, México City, México
Detail of the Façade            Esmeralda Building, México City, México

 And, what can be said about their memories? Surely, Time has pinched them, for if he had a Mom; she wouldn’t be safe from him either.


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