about the climates

The Magdalena River, Honda, Tolima, Colombia


“I’ve been through these places with really hot climates, the tropical kind, where there’s just so many insects and of all sorts,” he talked while he turned to face everyone. “I’ve seen all kinds of spiders; some with all these colours and some just so plain. Harmless spiders and terribly poisonous ones too, some of them so tiny, and other so big and all the sizes in between. Snakes with attractive designs and so colourful patterns  that they make you hallucinate. The size that eats insects and mice and the size that eats kids and adults as well. Hanging in the trees or crawling among the bushes. All kinds of animals I’ve found; even once, I found a lion that I thought was going to devour me, but fortunately, he had other things on his mind.”


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