About how to move around

Launching Sapsurro pier Sapsurro, El Chocó, Colombia
Puerto Obaldía, Darien Panmá

“I believe that I have journeyed and wandered over the most part of the planet. In large and very modern airplanes, and as well, in the most rudimentary, antique and quite worn out ones. Yes, I have flown in tiny, small airplanes that took off from state of the art airports with amazing concrete runways, and I have landed in patches of dirt roads that could barely qualify as streets fit for ox-drawn carts. On transatlantic ships and canoes, and I have even sailed on warships, converted to other uses before they are finally retired from the seas.

The Kunas Archipielago of San Blas Guna Yala, Panama

. On double Decker buses that have two floors and on single floor buses that almost have no floor at all from so much wear and tear. On motorcycles and motorcycle tuk-tuk taxis and even on row boats. On occasional bicycle-taxis, all of those operated by people whose skins show the widest range of colours and who talk in languages that are incredibly so different among themselves.”

Anchored Sapsurrop Bay El Chocó Colombia


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